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POP Reviewed 09-17-09
J.D. Cash
Wish You Were Here

Without giving too much away, J.D. Cash's "Wish You Were Here" might be just what the world needs right now. There is nothing wrong with a "Rat Pack Throwback", and JD Cash is just that; a return to the swinging sounds that pulled this country out of it's last Depression.

The cover of "Fly Me to the Moon" is worth the price of the album by itself. It's been years since I heard that song at all, much less with the skills Cash shows on this and the rest of the album as well. With each passing cut, it becomes clearer and clearer that JD Cash has the chops to bring fans to their feet nationwide.

A lot of people make a living on the road. I recommend "Wish You Were Here" to anyone who has miles to go before they sleep.


Summer Place Review


Wow!!! Great listening and great shagging , May 14, 2005
Reviewer: Charles Koeppen "vocals, sax, flute, didjeridu..." (New York)
In the Carolina's there's a popular swing dance called the shag that has not only provided a social pastime for many individuals but has also created a market for what shaggers know as "beach music". In general, most artists that recorded what have become beach music classics didn't intentionally record them knowing that the songs would eventually be labeled as beach music and often recorded many other songs that weren't shaggable. This isn't true for J.D. Cash. Being a modern recording artist and performer well-known by shaggers, he knew he was recording a beach music CD. But wait, there's more! Not only is almost every song on this CD great shagging music, this CD offers fresh interpretations of timeless classics sensitively performed by a singer with an obviously highly trained voice. A beautiful vibrato with great breath control and gobs of individuality backed by some very fine musicians with some brilliant arrangements. OK, is this CD for you? If your looking for Theme From a Summer Place ala Percy Faith with a tripleting piano and strings, maybe not. Like I said, J.D. Cash has some very unique and fresh interpretations here. "Theme From a Summer Place" has an almost a disco-ish sound to it that goes well with the lyrics and fits J.D. Cash's voice and style perfectly. For "What a Difference a Day Makes", forget Dinah Washington's torch-song version or Esther Phillips disco version. Think somewhere in between. It's slightly disco-ish, remember this is dance music, but not all out Studio 54 disco. J.D. Cash's voice just floats over this one. And how about Tony Hatch's "Call Me"? It has just enough of a bossa nova influence to remind the listener of the original, and is another fine complement to J.D. Cash's voice. And "Shangri-la". This is the one that the shaggers loved most when the CD was released. Forget all the versions you've heard by the vocal groups with the fine harmonies, forget all the Vegas-style renditions you've heard of this classic, J.D. Cash brings a sensitivity to this song that transports the listener to a place of beauty that can only be imagined. Dance music very rarely gets this good for listening. This is one CD that deserves more attention from the general public now that the newness has worn off among dancers.

The Coastal Journal Article

August 2006

"The Sinatra of Beach Music"


You never know where you’re going to find hidden treasure. One of the cooler evenings in June took us to Pawleys Island where we basically stumbled upon a hidden treasure at Blowfish Martini Bar. This treasure has a name, his name is J.D. Cash, and ladies, he will woo you with his strong and sophisticated, Sinatra-like vocal talent. Not only is J.D. Cash one of the most talented male vocalist along the Grand Strand, he is one of the most talented and enduring male vocalists in the southeastern United States. He is best known for his classic number one Beach & Shag hit, “Theme From A Summer Place” which shows off his smooth but robust, sexy style at its best. Originally recorded by Percy Faith and then by the Lettermen, “A Summer Place” was a classic song that not only became a part of Beach Music history, but a favorite tune to dance to among shaggers. J.D. Cash will tell you that in everyone’s mind, there will always be “a summer place” that takes you to one one of the most desired locations to be - the beach! Music was in J.D.’s bones at an early age. While growing up in Durham, North Carolina, only two blocks away was radio-station WSRC, a station known for their rhythm and blues. Having a combination of the radio-station and the Beatles hitting the U.S., this young eighth grader was heavily influenced and dismissed all thoughts of school. He later formed his first neighborhood band called the “VIP’s” and from then on, it was rock and roll, rhythm and soul. J.D. began his career in 1965 singing “Beach Music” and “Rhythm and Blues” along the beaches of the Carolinas. He achieved national attention in 1976 with “Since I Don’t Have You” for GRT Records. Shortly after he became lead vocalist with one of the nations all time great soul bands, “Bob Kuban and the Inmen”, whose 1966 recording of “The Cheater” charted Top Ten worldwide. J.D. released several recordings for “South Star” Records in the early eighties while touring the U.S. with his own show bands. In 1987, J.D. and Bob Kuban teamed up again to record a song J.D. wrote titled “Triple Shot Of Rhythm and Blues” which became a beach classic for “Ripete” Records. The “Triple Shot” CD is a collection of J.D.’s hits from 1976-1998. In 1999, J.D. recorded his biggest hit, “Theme From A Summer Place”. This song appeared on a compilation CD entitled “The Bad Boys of Beach Music” for EMN Records which won the 2000 Cammy Award for Compilation CD of the year. “Theme From A Summer Place” charted number 1 for 19 consecutive weeks on the Rhythm & Beach Top 40. Due to the success of his recording, J.D. Cash released the “Summer Place” CD. This classic recording won “Solo Album Of The Year” at the 2001 Cammy Awards. In addition to “Summer Place”, the CD contains songs such as “What A Difference a Day Makes”, “Pennies From Heaven”, Come To Me Softly”, and “Shangri-La”. All of these songs have made the Top 40. “Shangri-La” stayed on the charts for over a year. At a young age, J.D. Cash knew what he wanted to do with his life and he set out to accomplish his goals of becoming a recording artist. Among other artists, J.D.’s talent has helped to bring recognition and appreciation to beach music. J.D. Cash is a man who has paid his dues while dealing with life in general and the ups and downs of the recording industry and says that “The Team” concept he adopted for his own career years ago is the key to the national growth of beach music. J.D. Cash currently resides in North Myrtle Beach and sings solo using professionally recorded tracks and a state-of-the-art sound system. He occasionally performs with the Andrew Theiland Big Band. This band has been the band of choice for Planet Hollywood, the House of Blues, Hilton Head and great Charleston weddings. They perform classic rock, jazz, disco and swing.

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Born To Sing



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